Sad love quotes and sayings for sad moments

Published: 19th August 2011
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Sad love quotes - Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law.

Sad quotes - You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them

Love can tear and rip you apart, but if you're very lucky, it can put you back together.

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes itís better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

Love is as much of an object as an obsession, everybody wants it, everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it, those who do will cherish it, be lost in it, and among all, neverÖ never forget it.

I took a dictionary off my shelf to look up the definition of soulmate, and underneath the word soul mate I found you.

Sad love quotes - A quotation, like a pun, should come unsought, and then be welcomed only for some propriety of felicity justifying the intrusion.

The saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you.

Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

The adventitious beauty of poetry may be felt in the greater delight with a verse given in a happy quotation than in the poem. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone tells me I should forget about you, you donít deserve me. Theyíre right, you donít deserve me, but I deserve you.

God is so good. He knows where a person will be happy, where they can love and be loved, where heaven on earth is. Now I know why he put me near you.

The way you look at me lets me know theres got to be more than friendship between us.

Sad quotes - Love is always bestowed as a gift Ė freely, willingly and without expectation. We donít love to be loved; we love to love.

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.

True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.

I just broke up with someone and the last thing she said to me was "Youíll never find anyone like me again!" Iím thinking, "I should hope not! If I donít want you, why would I want someone like you

Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality.

I'm fighting back emotions I've never had before...all because I'm not supposed to love you anymore.

Stronger than an army is a quotation whose time has come.

Sad quotes - True love always makes a man better, no matter what woman inspires it.

Sad Quotes to make you feel better. These Sad Love Quotes have the power to heal your heartbreak and soul, read Sad Love Quotes.

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